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 EIDOLON Wedges   

By House

I am not any different from the rest of you. When there is hot new equipment out there, I want to try it to see if I want it in my bag. I was surfing the net the other week and came upon the EIDOLON Golf website. This company isn’t new, but it is new to me. I was interested in the claim that they had the best wedges on the market. This company is so confident that they offer a full guarantee that if it isn’t the best wedge, you can send it back and they will buy whatever wedge you think is better!
I spent a lot of time learning about what makes these wedges different from the competitors. The wedges are designed with their patented V-SOLE® technology for versatile shot making. The grooves are milled to produce exceptional spin. The website is really good for any golfer who wants to learn about the technology that goes into club making.
I was so excited when my custom EIDOLON 60° Wedge was delivered that I hurried off to the short game range to see if it could deliver on all of its promises. I hit a few chip shots, pitch shots, knock-downs, and I noticed how much the ball was checking up. I loved this because it allows me (a shallow swinger and aggressive with my short game) to go at the hole and watch the ball stop dead as if it had eyes.
Next, I moved on to the sand, figuring that it would be easy to make the ball dance with this 60° wedge. Sure enough, I hit a few out of a fluff lie and was able to produce a nice soft shot that bounced twice before checking-up. The real joy was when I was actually spinning balls back out of the bunker. I am usually not good enough to do that on command, until I had this EIDOLON Wedge in my hand. Throughout that session, I created some Mickelson-like shots. I buried a few lies and easily escaped the trap. The bounce just slides right through the sand effortlessly. After 35 minutes, I could easily say it is the best sand wedge I have ever hit—and I have hit them all!
It was then time to hit full wedges. I have to say this was pretty cool. I have a high ball flight, and with this EIDOLON 60° Wedge, every shot checked up or spun back—every single one! The leading edge slices through the turf, producing a nice true ball flight. The only knock I can give this wedge is the grip, which is of high quality, but it’s just slightly larger than I prefer.
I used my EIDOLON 60° Wedge eleven times last round. The only shot I wasn’t impressed with was a short side down hill chip that I probably wouldn’t have executed well the majority of the time anyway. After an hour on a range and one round, I already feel confident enough to replace my sand wedge with it and am now considering replacing the other two wedges that I carry with EIDOLON V-SOLE® Wedges.
After contacting EIDOLON President Terry Koehler (aka TheWedgeGuy.com), he generously agreed to give a $15 discount to all WeekendWarriorGolfer.com readers when ordering one or more wedges– just use Promo Code “WW9” at checkout! If you are ready to improve your short game, contact EIDOLON Golf to take advantage of their bold guarantee. You really have nothing to lose but everything to gain!
Verdict: This skeptic became a believer. The wedge delivers and I am truly happy I contacted EIDOLON golf. 

Rating: Eagle- Great wedge! This will benefit most golfers. 

Demo Days Are Here Again 

By House

I decided to test the new technology by sampling the hottest new drivers on the market. We all know that golf swings and club preferences are as unique as fingerprints. Here are my observations without launch monitors, tracking devices, or much feedback— only sales reps doing their best “enter a longest drive tournament my man!” comments.
To get a proper comparison, all the drivers were 9.5 degrees with a neutral setting and a stiff shaft.

Adams Golf:
-- Slick looking club! There was a really nice low trajectory that had a sweet feel and sound to it. They were throwing in a 3 wood if I bought the drive, which felt less like a great deal and more like a desperate attempt to keep me from moving on to the next tent.

-- Strange looking design with the elongated head—maybe a little too menacing for me. For some reason, I couldn’t stop drawing the ball to almost a slight pull hook. I couldn’t get a good feel of this driver.

FT-9 -- Wow! We have a winner! I couldn’t miss hit this thing even when I tried to. Three-quarter swings were still right down the line. The sound, the feel, and the incredible distance all made me want to take this baby home with me. I actually hit both the 9 and the 9.5. It was explained to me by the rep the 9 is set to a one degree shut, whereas the 9.5 is a true neutral. I hit them both almost equally well, but if I was going to throw down the money, it would have probably been on the 9.

SQ Dymo
-- This driver is taking on the Taylor Made R9 with the newest in technologies. I have to admit I was skeptical this driver could hang after launching bombs with the R9. But the proof was in the pudding. I had a nice low ball flight that seemed to vanish into the sky. I was hitting the ball consistently far with this driver, but the sound off the face was deal breaker for me. I heard it a few days earlier from the group ahead of us on the course. It sounds like a tin can trampoline or one of my son’s toys that I can’t stand. It is an obnoxious sound that will probably make most canines howl. I mentioned it to the sales rep and he responded with, “I was watching you and with the results you got… do you really care?” Point well taken, but yes, I do care because the first time I miss hit that thing it would be exiled from my bag. He went on to tell me that with the use of new metals and technologies you aren’t going to get the most pleasant sound. Yet, for me, this was my nails on the chalkboard moment, which is too bad because it is a nice stick.

G10 460 TPC
-- As much as I love Ping irons, I was not a fan of this driver. I was spraying all over the place and it had the least distance of the group.

Taylor Made:
-- The most talked about driver in the business didn’t let me down: The ball pops off the face and soars through the sky like a jet plane. Everything I hit was pure: right down the middle and then produced a nice roll. This driver is a cannon and I wasn’t even buying into the whole removable head/ weight combination aspects of it. I’m not a tinker with my clubs. I don’t want to change weights, angle, lies, or lofts — I just want it to work when I go to the first tee.

Verdict — there are some phenomenal drivers out there from all the golf club manufacturers, not just the major ones I reviewed. Try out some of these new technological advancements for free at demo days at clubs and golf shops. Check out our forum section for some demo days in your area.


Leadbetter Swing Setter

By House

Upon first inspection, I had my doubts. This thing looks like a weapon from some Masters of the Universe character. Yet, for all of my doubting, this thing does what it says it will. It gives you a nice grip feel, helps establish the correct swing tempo and release, and keeps you in the proper swing plane.

For me, the hardest thing was the set-up. I had no problem getting the top ball (associated with take away- wrist cocked) to function properly; it was the bottom magnets that were either too sensitive or weren’t snapping together at all. When I dialed it in, the results became instantaneous.

Make sure you get the right size for your hands because it comes in medium and large/ x-large. I should have opted for the large/ x-large size, but I have never viewed my mitts as anything but normal. The molded grip is a strong neutral grip, so folks like VW who employs more of a natural grip—bottom hand strong or weak grip—you might find it feels strange.

Clack- clack… let the music play. The magnets will slap together in a rhythmic sequence that is pure magic for the person practicing and loud and annoying else to anyone within ear shot. My wife and kid probably thought I was working on the magnet chain-gang down in the basement. Yet, for me, I was creating a symphonic overture with Leadbetter’s Swing Setter.

The Swing Setter weighs 50% more than your average 5i, allowing you to feel the entire swing throughout the full range, thus creating muscle memory for proper swing tempo and release. It’s a very addictive tool because you find yourself wishing a normal golf swing would have this punishing sound. If you see me walking around with Skeletor’s staff, you will know I am working on my golf game. “I have the power.”

Verdict: I will give this a grade with the disclaimer that I will come back at season’s end to see if I feel it really made a difference. This is a training aid that is going to benefit all golfers. You really need to stay consistent with your training to enjoy the benefits.

Rating: Eagle- Great device! This will benefit most golfers. 


Golf Swing Laser Trainer by Golf Gadgets
By House

I got this thing a while back. The theory is it will help you stay on plane throughout your golf swing. Two swing strips are provided to illustrate the perfect drive and the perfect putt. These PVC little green rolls make for fantastic driveways for my son’s toy cars.
The molded grip is probably the best feature of this trainer. Because it is basically a rubberized plastic handle, it is way too lightweight. It gives you absolutely no feel for a club or a putter. Everything is lost on the backswing. Even if you slow it down, because of the weight issues, it won’t promote muscle memory. The box claims it is “Ideal for beginners and pros, alike.” I wonder if Tiger Woods has one of these?
On the other hand, my dog, a laser pointer connoisseur, absolutely, loves this thing. The laser beam is wide and can be easily spotted at 100 ft. While I was working with this device, my wife walked in wanted to know why the dog had a deranged look on his face and was obsessively staring at the wall behind me.
Verdict: For serious golfers, pass on this training aid. If you have a dog that loves lasers, pick up a couple (for back-up).
Rating: Bogey- Probably not something you should invest in. Go spend your money at the range.



Ace- A must for all golfers! This thing is a winner! You will improve your golf game with this device.
Eagle- Great device! This will benefit most golfers.
Birdie- Give it a try if you need help in this area. Can you say early Father’s Day present?
Par- We see some benefits with this device, so give it a try. If it doesn’t help you, take it to the next white elephant party at work!
Bogey- Probably not something you should invest in. Go spend your money at the range.
Double Bogey- You always have two options; run away as fast as you can or stand there, point, and laugh.







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